e-Talks 2018-2019 - Happiness: A Practice

Thanks to technology, a Dharma talk in English will be given once a month online by DharmaTeacher Chan Huy,  to various Sanghas from US.
The eTalks will be integrated this year to the French DOMS below, from 11:45 to 12:45pm:
  • Sept 29, 2018 - Understanding the Buddha’s Teachings
  • Oct 20             - Clear Diamond - Clear View
  • Nov 3              - Well.... Who am I really?
  • Dec 15            - Because I am in you and you are in me....
  • Jan 26, 2019   - Aware that True Happiness is not possible without...
  • Feb 23             - Meditation: I stop, I see. I see what?
  • Mar 23             - Three Doors - One Entrance
  • Apr 13             - Nirvana in Samsara, Samsara in Nirvana
  • May 4              - What are we doing? Karma
  • June 15           - Dwelling Here and Now? A (the) practice

Do not miss :

Just as vegetation is sensible to sunlight, mental formations are sensitive to mindfulness. Mindfulness is the energy that can embrace and transform all mental formations. Mindfulness helps us leave behind "upside-down perceptions" and wakes us up to what is happening.
- Thich Nhat Hanh